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Other Services We Offer

We live in a fast-paced world where stress and overwhelm is commonplace. Because of this, we sometimes lose sight of the bigger picture, and let those important-but-not-urgent tasks fall by the wayside. Our goal at Seasons Estate Planning, APC, is to help our clients hold a clear vision of what is most important – our loved ones – and to carve out space to make sure they are cared for, both in our lives and after we are gone. One way we do this is by holding our clients’ hands through the important rite of passage known as estate planning.

In addition to our trust & estate legal services, we enjoy serving for our clients in other ways as well. Perhaps their worry about the future is causing some decision-making paralysis. Perhaps they are going through a difficult time with medical issues that have popped up in their lives. Perhaps they are nearing the end of their lives, and want someone they trust to hold space for them as they make this final transition.

Kristen uses her Reiki Level III training, as well as various other energy healing modalities to help bring peace to clients and their loved ones in times of turbulence.

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