We had a seamless and even enjoyable meeting with Kristen Wong to plan our estate. She took her time to explain everything,  sometimes more than once, so that my husband and I were able to fully understand our options and even anecdotal examples to help us decide how to best set up our trust. We now have complete peace of mind that everything is in order and our kids won’t end up as state property or ever have to deal with probate court.

She’s also been great with follow up info when we needed it and weren’t quite sure how to transfer part of our estate (i.e. buying a new home).

She’s very quick to respond to even the lamest questions and we’ve never felt we were an imposition.

I guarantee you’ll be glad you decided to go with her. She really does care about her clients and work in immeasurable ways.

Jonathan E.

My husband and I had been putting off completing a will and getting everything in order should the worst happen —- as in we die and our children are left without us. It was just overwhelming and we couldn’t decide on where or who would care for our children. This year we finally decided that we HAD to be responsible and do this dreaded task.

Kristen is the perfect combination of patient, firm and inspiring as she walked us through her own story on why she chose to HELP people plan for what would most likely be described as the worst time in their life. She carries empathy and listens to you as you work through the process.

This is not an easy undertaking and you MUST find the right person —- trustworthy, detail oriented and efficient. Kristen checked all those boxes. She brought thought provoking questions to my husband and I and walked us through scenarios that we had never though of before.

The other night I saw an advertisement for a cheap solution that you do yourself for your estate planning —- I am so glad that we didn’t go that route —– we would never have covered all the things that we did with Kristen.

I highly recommend Kristen Wong and her wonderful business! Good luck on your planning journey and know that you’re working with the best!

Louise B.

If you’re a parent, you need to speak with Kristen at Seasons Estate Planning!  No one likes to talk about the inevitable time of death…but it’ll happen.  You’d be lucky if you were prepared for your death…but most of us aren’t.  When we sat down with Kristen, we were educated on what would happen if we weren’t prepared.  NOW THAT WAS A SHOCKER.  Aside from the wasted time and money of property going into probate, the fact that my children might need to go into child protective services (EVEN IF THERE WAS A LINE OUT THE DOOR OF PEOPLE TO TAKE CARE OF THEM) was so crazy and heartbreaking.  Unacceptable.
We loved Kristen’s depth of knowledge, understanding, and advice in the entire process (we’re procrastinators).  Her support throughout the process was over and beyond what you’d expect from any estate planner.  Both my husband and my parents ended up calling Kristen to reevaluate their old trust and bring them up to date.
Prepare yourself and your family.  You can’t go wrong with Kristen’s services.

Julia C.

Estate planning is something we had been putting off for years – it felt so overwhelming, so I am forever grateful for Kristen who guided us through difficult decisions with kindness, expert advice, gentle nudging, and consistent reminders.  She is extremely thorough, organized, and supportive.  Kristen was particularly helpful regarding guardianship – she brought up scenarios we had never considered and I am so glad we have documented our plans and wishes.  It is a relief to have this done and I highly recommend Kristen to other families!

Ann K.

Estate planning is not an easy task. Kristen walked us through each step and really helped us think through every aspect. She is both caring and thorough and we can’t recommend her enough!

Ronnie K.

Kristen was referred to my partner and I from a friend/colleague. She was responsive and helpful from the start. She made us feel extremely comfortable throughout the process, which can be a very uncomfortable thing to do. She made everything easy for us and was more than patient with us throughout the process. You can tell that she cares about you and takes great pride in what she does. We would highly recommend her  and are very happy with our experience.

Brent F.