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So this past Saturday I discovered a world I had previously only read about online – I attended my first Slimers’ Convention! (Technically, I was the “Plus One” for my daughter, who has been systematically honing her scientific slime skills.) For anyone that doesn’t know, Slime is exactly what it sounds like: the combination of different ingredients to make a sticky, gooey substance with a surprisingly satisfying texture. Making slime is the latest craze for the under 18 age group (and for many young adults too!) I found the entire experience fascinating, and my daughter was “beyond happy”. Looking around the convention floor, I saw many many Plus One Parents – standing in line as a placeholder to meet the Celebrity Slimers, doling out advances on allowance money, or just finding a spot to relax on the stairs as their grinning children dashed around from slime shop to slime shop.

For hours.

Ah, the things we do for our children…

Of course, in my line of work “the things we do for our children” includes setting up a comprehensive estate plan upfront, so that our children need to through as little cost, time, and frustration when we pass on. While clients are often clear about who they would want to name as Guardians of their minor children, one question that comes up in my Family Wealth Planning Sessions is how to determine who would be the best person to manage the financial & administrative matters.

It’s important to realize that, while not necessary, the Guardian and the Trustee can absolutely be different people. It depends on the individual strengths of the people they are considering. In my last newsletter, I began to outline what the Trustees responsibilities would be so you can start to think about who might serve best in that role for your own family. In this week’s article, I continue with that list in more detail.

My goal is to help make these decisions as easy as possible for my clients, because – as far as the kids are concerned – there is a world of difference between the planning their parents MEANT TO DO and the planning their parents actually COMPLETED.

Let me help you ensure that your kids experience the latter. You (and they) will sleep much more peacefully.

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Before Agreeing to Serve as Trustee, Carefully Consider the Duties and Obligations Involved—Part 2

Last time, we shared the first part of this series explaining the powers and duties that come with serving as trustee. Here in part two, we discuss the rest of a trustee’s core responsibilities.

In the first part, we highlighted three of a trustee’s primary functions, and here we continue with that list, starting with one of the most labor-intensive of all duties—managing and accounting for a trust’s assets

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Family Legacy Preservation Workshop

Thursday, September 13th, 2018 at 7:30PM

Topics Covered:

The best way to title assets to ensure that your family doesn’t get stuck in court if you become incapacitated, or when you die.
How to ensure that the assets you to leave to your children and loved ones are protected from creditors, divorce and even bankruptcy.
Why preparing for your possible incapacity is the best gift you can give your family.
How to pass on more than just your assets, and leave a true legacy.
How to keep your children out of the arms of strangers in an emergency.
That facing the reality of your death (and planning for it) is the path to creating a life worth living!

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Kids Are Headed Back To School! Have You Prepared Them in Case You’re in an Accident?

If you have minor children and own your home, then this will be the most important Back-to-School preparation you do all year. Here’s why…Did you know that if you’re in an accident, your kids could be taken into protective custody until the police can figure out who has legal authority to take them, even if you’ve named legal guardians for them in your will? That’s because the people who spend time with your kids don’t have that authority automatically.

To make sure your kids are not taken into the care of strangers, even for a minute, you must set up a Comprehensive Kids Protection Plan. And you must put in place a well-considered estate plan that ensures your assets are immediately and privately available to your loved ones—and usually, a simple will is simply not good enough. When you and your parenting partner meet with us for a Family Wealth Planning Session, you will choose the right guardians for your kids and avoid making any of the 6 common mistakes most families (and even regular lawyers) make when naming legal guardians.

Be one of the first 5 to schedule in September and we’ll waive our regular $750 planning session fee. Plus, you’ll take home a $50 gift card to Target to help pay for back-to-school supplies! Come in to get your planning done and know they will always be taken care of by people you love.






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